Aqua detox device
Detox electroda

Aqua Detox

Completely natural and comfortable method of body detoxication by negative ions.

In cosmetics it is used primarily for cellulite reduction, weight-loss caused from an accelerated metabolism, skin regeneration, improvement of skin complexion, slowing of perspiration and unpleasant odors, establishing of bioenergetic balance, etc.

Through the foot sole, in a very pleasant and comfortable way of special electrolysis in luke-warm water, the patient's body releases harmful toxins easily and naturally. Negative ions open millions of skin pores on the foot sole, stimulating the flow of harmful metabolites from the body into the water bath. A wide body of scientific research strongly supports the beneficial effects of the “water-electrolysis” detoxication method.

Aqua Detox is especially recommended to individuals on medically-prescribed drugs, smokers, as well as healthy individuals who are exposed daily to high psychological and physical stress.

Professional models for clinics and beauty salons.

Model for home use

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