Microdermabrasion device

Nine diamond heads

Effectively treats:
-More shaloow and smaller wrinkles
-Atrophy and aged skin without stretch and stains
-Senior and solar spots
-Inactive acnes and their consequences
-Smaller scars
-Greasy skin and enlarged pores
-Hiperceratosis, thickenings
-Strech marks

A treatment is painless and extremely comfortable for the client – double effect.

The pilling and vacuum teraphy at the same time.

Device with the help od NINE DIAMOND HEAD enables the therapist to remove layers of the skin very precisely and shallow, layer by layer.

At the same time with removing layers of the skin, the vacuum stimulation is performed of FIBROPLAST, stepped up the micro circulation, intensify the creation of COLAGEN and ELASTINE. Fast regeneration of cells is stimulated, tonus, smoothness and splendour of skin is improved.

Effects are visible immediately after the treatment.

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