Carbo Therapy

This is a dry CO2 bath, one of the latest methods in cosmetics, a treatment which leads not only to weight reduction, but also has a number of other beneficial effects that will meet even the most demanding clients’ expectations. Carbo Therapy explores all the pharmacological and biodynamic attributes of CO2 resulting in a stimulated and accelerated flow of oxygen to the body surface.

CO2 ”mechanically destroys” lipid (fat) cells. It has a strong vasodilating impact (increases blood flow) on superficial as well as deeper blood vessels, hence stimulating systemic and local circulation. Consequently, improved venous and arterial circuits lead to a fast and effective release of metabolic waste and complete detoxication of the whole body.

-Cellulite I-IV degree
-Extra body weight/obesity
-Stretch marks
-Aesthetic changes of skin (loss of skin elasticity)
-Stimulates detoxication
-Accelerates and enhances body regeneration after intense physical exercise/activity

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