Miolift w/LESA laser
Miolift w/electrodes
Run by a micro-processor.
Generates biological currents of low intensities, which favorably influence regeneration of the cell potential.
Four different biological currents with ten frequencies.
Fine tuning of the current intensity as desired.

Six automatic programs:
-sonophoresis of active skin nutrients into the skin
-anti-wrinkles program
-four lifting programs
Option of manually setting desired parameters.
Combined with LESA laser of 500 mW, it enormously intensifies the effects of face- and body-lifting.
Micro-processor timer with a sound signal.
Option with self-adhesive silicon electrodes; 12 electrodes, 6 programs.

Facial lymph drain, wrinkles, stretch marks, face-lifting and rejuvenation, cell-potential revitalization, ionto-phoresis of vitamins, serums, various gels, etc.
The product can be delivered with or without a vertical base, with a specially designed electrode holder.
Beautifully designed, high-quality clirit main panel, vertical base and ultrasound head.

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