Ultrazvuk 1 i 3MHz MINI

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound and Diadynamic combination w/Galvan
Ultrasound and Vacuum combination

Digital instrument, run by a micro-processor.
Generates ultrasound waves of 1MHz and 3MHz.
Multi-frequency ultrasound head powered at 3W/cm2.
Specially designed handle reduces harmful irradiation, hence protecting the person operating the machine.
Simultaneous effects of the ultrasound and Diadynamic or ultrasound and vacuum (depending on the model) greatly enhance the method’s therapeutic and anti-cellulite properties.
Micro-processor timer with a sound signal.
All components can also work independently.

Indications in physical medicine:
Sports injuries, rheumatic arthritis, degenerative rheumatism, Dipuyten contracture, morbus bechterev, slowed formation of kalus, sodec atrophy, neuralgia, etc.

Indication in cosmetics:
Cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, face-lifting and rejuvenation, cell-potential revitalization, sono-phoresis of vitamins, serums, anti-cellulite gels, etc.