Magnet solenoid

Magnet Therapy

NF Magnet
Completely digital.
Two independent channels.
Frequency of 1-1000 Hz.
Intensity in solenoids 4-50 mT.
Solenoids' radius 300 and 500 mm.
Foil-shaped antennas and base.
Run by a microprocessor with a sound alarm
Light control of solenoids, antennas and base.

Impulse HF/LF Magnet 27 MHz
Generates impulses of small induction and very high frequencies, with harmonizers which correspond with resonant frequencies of the body proteins. High-frequency (HF) wave is modulated by the low-frequency (LF) wave. This makes possible the use of HF in therapy.
The use of impulse-LF modulation allows for an athermic application. The depth of penetration and spacial field distribution in the treated tissue with HF, is some 12-17 cm greater than with the LF method. The antennae can be applied through plaster or clothes without any negative effects. Two or four channels allow for both localized and systemic effects.
Run by a micro-processor.
LF modulation 1-1000 Hz.
The output level can be High or Low.
End-of-program sound alarm.
Portable or stationary version.
Main effects: anti-edema, anti-inflammatory,
neuro-vegetative, enhances body circulation and immune system.

Indications: soft-tissue injuries, fracture repair and consolidation, ostheoporosis, inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism, disorders of peripheral arteries and venous system, post-trombical and post-flebic syndrom, lymphatic system disorders, lymphedemas, etc.