cavitacija definitivno
Cavite glava

Ultrasound CAVIT plus

Ultrasound with CAVITE ( cavitation ) Effects

Unmatched in the reduction of fat.
Ultrasonic liposuction or cavitation is the newest method of rapid removal cellulite and fat on the abdomen, hips, knees, buttocks and upper arms.
The treatment lasts for forty minutes. In order to avoid heating of tissue ultrasound is pulse type so that no additional cooling the ultrasound head and the treated tissue.
Low-frequency ultrasonic waves break fat cells , in fact, are released fatty acid therein trapped ( accumulated ), at the same time not damaging the surrounding tissue.
The distance between the two treatments should not be less than seven days. The organism is a need seven days to process and eliminate released fatty acids.
The latest device from EXP electrical stimulation enhances the effects of the treatment by causing muscle contraction in the treated site and Powered by lymphatic drainage during the CAVIT .
The device is fully digitized , has four main programs that perform the treatment.

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