Diadinamic (DD CURRENT)

The device is produced in anlogic version (for patronage) DDA, in digital version DD1, as well as in full digiltalogical version DD2. Mycroprocessed controlled device. Exept 5 electricity standard forms (DF, MF, CP, LP, RS ) Galvan is buint in too. Digitalized versions have buint in forms CP1, RS1 too.

At digitalized models, choice of the order of application diyadinamic therapy is possible and independent choice of time for each current form with automatic SOFT changing of polarity. ( expet the Galvan ) on half the given time of each therapy. Changing of polarity is done by putting in therapy with a simple elimination of electicity before the change and light increasing of intensity after the change of polarity.

Competely digitalized modes have the possibility of creating and saving 15 separate therapeutic protocols.

Maximum output current 50 mA.

Indications: with soft tissue injuries especially crank stucture, neuralgia, myalgia, inactiv astrofy.

Effects: analgetic, simpaticolitic, stimulative.